This is Virtual (R)evolution 2019

Virtual and augmented reality is gaining ground and has the future. Where in the past VR and AR were mainly used in the gaming industry, it is now the (make) industry's turn. The possibilities of VR and AR are becoming more and more extensive for the industry, for example in training, in the design process, in sales processes, in maintenance and in production lines. It is no coincidence that the engineering sector is in the top three growth markets for VR and AR.

Virtual (R) evolution is the annual event where industrial applications from VR and AR are central

During Virtual (R)evolution you will discover in one day the possibilities of the latest virtual and augmented reality technologies for your company. Content makers, software & hardware companies and other experts in this area profile their company for around 800 specific industry visitors. Experience VR and AR and listen to experience stories during the extensive lecture program.

Virtual en Augmented Reality within reach

"Fun for games and entertainment, but what can the (make) industry do with it?", a cry that often passes by. But did you know that with VR or AR you can imitate any environment and situation? The real-life experience makes training simulations possible without the need to be (re)built or that you spend a lot of time and costs on developing demo models in a sales process. Other promising applications are, for example, remote maintenance and or first virtual assembly before a component is mounted on the machine line.

Participate in Virtual (R)evolution

Participating in Virtual (R)evolution 2019 means presenting your innovations, products and brand to a very focused audience, namely the early adapters from industry, healthcare, architecture and education. As an exhibitor, you can choose from a wide range of stand and presentation options. You also have the opportunity to share your knowledge in the conference program.