Virtual (R)evolution

Dinsdag 12 juni 2018  
Koning Willem II Stadion - Tilburg
09:30 - 17:00
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Augmented Reality: Empowering Industry 4.0 - Part 1/4

Guest blog by TWNKLS Augmented Reality: for some it’s science fiction. But those in the know have been using it for years to reduce faults, increase efficiency, and improve their bottom...
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Twinkle 2

Augmented Training and Instruction: learn while doing - Part 2/4

Guest blog by TWNKLS As we learned in our first publication augmented reality lets you share information in a clear, concise, and contextual way. This makes it ideal for training purposes....
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A smarter workfloor with Augmented Reality - Part 3/4

Guest blog by TWNKLS Our previous installment showed how training your workers with augmented reality can help them perform quicker with fewer mistakes. This story will be about using AR to...
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AR workfloor

Augmented Reality: Enabling the future - Part 4/4

Guest blog by TWNKLS The first three parts of our series on augmented reality have showcased current solutions that make Industry 4.0 possible. This final article will focus on how the...
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Dit zijn de winnaars van de Dutch VR Awards

Op 9 maart 2017 zijn tijdens Virtual (R)evolution voor de 1e keer de Dutch VR Awards uitgereikt. De Dutch VR Awards zijn een initiatief van de Stichting Virtual Reality Nederland...
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