Gijs Molsbergen VR2016
Making Virtual Reality matter

Gijs Molsbergen, Founder, Virtual Reality Journalist, Lab 4242

Augmented and Virtual Reality aren’t just great technologies for the gaming, movie and music industry. The power of applying both technologies will disrupt existing business models. What can we expect of the impact that Augmented and Virtual Reality will have on our jobs, daily life and society?
During this lecture Gijs will inform you about what Augmented and Virtual Reality could mean to businesses and how it will revolutionize the way people work in sectors such as Healthcare, Education, the Military and the Travel industry. He will also share an announcement, exclusively for the audience and event.

Melek Rousian VR2016
Three dimensional ultrasound and virtual reality of human embryonic growth and development

Melek Rousian, MD PhD, Post Doc, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Obstetrics and Prenatal Medicine, Erasmus MC, University Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The embryonic period is of crucial importance for future health. Therefore this period has to be examined in detail. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional ultrasound methods are used to examine the embryo in detail. The problem with these methods is the fact that the third dimension is not used to its fullest. The I-Space virtual reality application is used to examine the embryo using all available dimensions. Besides visualisation possibilities, virtual reality allows accurate length and semi-automated volume measurements of different structures, which was not possible before. These measurements lead to a better understanding of embryonic growth and development.

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Marnix van Gisbergen VR2015
Virtual reality: creating a bridge between story and experience?

Dr. Marnix van Gisbergen, Lector (professor) Digital Media Concepts, Academy for Digital Entertainment

Although Virtual reality (VR) in itself is not new, recent astonishing developments in VR technology opened doors for new entertainment products. While VR Goggles provide new possibilities, new questions arise as well. It is not clear how to utilize VR to its full extend and whether it can be considered as an extension of a film narrative, game experience or as a medium on its own creating an incomparable experience. We will discuss the outcomes of research conducted with students and staff in which effects of observer and participant roles were measured using a VR film produced in our Creative Lab.

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Frederike Manders VR2016
INTERU_PSY; Changing the dialogue

Frederike Manders, Founder, INTERU_PSY

The impact of epilepsy on the daily life of app. 80 million people on a global scale is unknown to most people.

With a dedicated team of programmers and 1 photographer with a dream, an innovative app was created to change the dialogue between people with epilepsy, their family, friends and caregivers.
The INTERU_PSY 3D-VR app will let anyone experience the effects of absences and seizures occurring randomly in highly realistic "virtual environments" like home or work.
Patients finally are able to show family, friends and colleagues why they are forced to miss out on parts of their lives.

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Tim van der Grinten VR2016
The virtual architect

Tim van der Grinten, CEO, Enversed

As an architect I have found myself designing both ‘real world’ and virtual buildings. But what happens if virtual and real world design both become part of 1 reality? How is virtual and augmented reality going to change the way we design, build and experience our build environment? What is the added value? And is VR the ultimate medium for architects? In this lecture I will discuss the things I’ve learned so far in our projects and connect them with the possibilities of the future.

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Thomas Maal VR2016
The Clinical Application of Augmented Reality and 3D Printing in Surgery

Thomas Maal, Coordinator 3D Lab, Radboudumc

The past decade 3D imaging evolved towards a valuable technique which forms the base for patient specific solutions. 3D imaging and 3D printing are used in a wide variety of clinical cases. These techniques play an important role in diagnoses, virtual surgery planning and evaluation of surgical results. The past few years augmented reality evolved as a new and promising technique. The Radboudumc 3D Lab has performed some early experiments using augmented reality in the operating theatre. This presentation will illustrate clinical examples and will focus on the added value of 3D imaging, 3D printing and augmented reality.

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