Frank Steinicke VR2016
Opening and overview: Being Really Virtual - Virtual Reality in the Year 2030

Prof. Dr. Frank Steinicke, University Professor, University of Hamburg

Today’s ICT dominate most economic, social and cultural practices of our world and have perhaps forever changed the ways how we communicate with each other, work together, or spend our leisure time. Furthermore, the next 15 years will be dominated by exponential technological advancements and we will observe a virtual revolution, which will provide us with virtual objects displayed in our surrounding that cannot be distinguished from real objects anymore.
This notion of a virtual reality (VR), which is indistinguishable from the real world, has been addressed repeatedly in science fiction arts, literature and films, which play with this perceptual ambiguity, and constantly question whether our perceptions of reality are real or not.
In my talk I will outline some major challenges of VR until 2030. Furthermore, I will briefly show some of our research results, which are driven by understanding the human perceptual, cognitive and motor skills and limitations in order to reform the interaction as well as the experience in computer-mediated realities.

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Virtual worlds and real market perspectives

Dr. Svetlana Bialkova, Senior Scientist/Lecturer Academy for Digital Entertainment, NHTV

Despite increasing interest in the Virtual reality and its marketing applications, e.g., for branding, advertising, it is still enigmatic why VR marketing has limited success. It is a challenge to understand how brands could enhance consumer experience and thus profit in augmenting brand portfolio in the virtual (and real) worlds. The talk will offer some solutions to the above challenges and will further discuss the potential of virtual worlds in turning market place into a highly innovative way of commerce.

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Expo and demo's
Gerben Harmsen VR2016
Adding Value to your Value Chain with Augmented Reality

Gerben Harmsen, CEO, TWNKLS

This lecture is about adding value to your value chain with augmented reality. I will tell about options in sales, training, maintenance and remote assistance. Also award winning cases of AR use in the production process of an industrial environment will be explained. Are you looking for inspiration on AR use in your business, you are welcome to join this lecture.

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Tom van Acht VR2016
Innovatie en Educatie in de corporate context

Tom van Acht, Consultant, DAF

Binnen grote organisaties bestaan er vaak belemmeringen die de succesvolle introductie van relatief nieuwe ideeën en technieken in de weg kunnen staan. De afdeling Innovatie van PACCAR ITD  creëert intern draagvlak door gebruik te maken van de flexibiliteit en de synergie die een samenwerking met verschillende partijen uit het bedrijfsleven, kennis- en onderwijsinstellingen kan bieden.
Aan de hand van enkele praktijkvoorbeelden zal worden uiteengezet hoe projecten met studenten bij hebben gedragen aan de bewustwording van de mogelijkheden van VR en AR binnen de organisatie.

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Expo and demo's
Detlef La Grand VR2016
Web-based virtual reality

Detlef La Grand, Founder | CEO, VRmaster BV

Imagine anyone can go anywhere, whenever they want, wherever they are. Just using a smartphone and a cardboard box. Imagine what this could do to your business.

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Matthias Pusch VR2016
What happens in Enterprise VR? Overview of state of the art Virtual Reality, and implications for Enterprise applications

Dipl. Ing. Dipl. Psych. Matthias Pusch, EVP Business Development, Worldviz LLC, California, USA

2016 promises to be the year of HMD based Virtual Reality. Oculus, HTC and Sony are all announcing delivery of their HMDs to the consumers in 2016, and about 30 other players are entering the field. Virtual Reality was the major highlight at the recent Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas.

For traditional Enterprise VR applications, which provide value for training, communication, evaluation and testing and specific R&D questions, this means a new universe of potential VR devices will be available. Those devices often have lower price points and higher user comfort, enabling enterprises to better deploy and scale.

Beyond that, there is a variety of new application fields where the currently evolving ecosystems of 360 Video, VR, and portable technologies are creating platforms for new segments of applications, which will impact markets well beyond the traditional VR use cases.

This talk will explore the current market segmentation and the potential of consumer driven VR developments for Enterprise VR applications.

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Expo and demo's